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Carlton ware as a collectable of the 20th  century has become extremely popular. This prolific pottery made a diverse range of shapes and remained committed to quality prices of Carlton ware and made it very attractive to the collector, as the prices vary from a mere R50-00 to R4000 - R6000 for the better pieces. In 1911 J. Wiltshaw took over the whole factory and introduced a whole new range of wares with chief designer Horace Wain. He was replaced in the 1920's by Enoch Boulton who took Carlton ware into its most inventive period. The main influence was the discovery of Tutankhamun's tomb in 1922. These pieces with enameled work are extremely sought after.
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Clyde is a collector and a dealer in Royal Winton Chinz patterns as well as James Kent, Shelley and other companies. Royal Winton has had a huge resurgence in the market place due to its bright floral decorative nature. There is a large variety of Chinz available in S.A.

These patterns are adopted from Indian fabrics which were imported into England. The Indian word for their patterns was "Chintes".
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Moorcroft is one of the most exciting potteries to collect. It offers the collector a rich variety of wares from the plain to the highly decorative items. William Moorcrofts' decision in 1893 to develop a range of ornamental art pottery proved to be very wise. These earlier wares were known as Florian ware. In 1904 the factory moved away from Florian ware. Success followed and orders poured in from all over the world. Moorcroft considered "Flanbe" to be his greatest achievement and the orders proved to be that the market place agreed. Flambe wares are greatly sought after. Some of the most desired patterns are toadstool, fish, persian en waratah.


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